Best 5 Hanuman Bracelets to Buy Online: Reviews and Recommendations

Top 5 hanuman Bracelets

Are you looking for a Hanuman bracelet for yourself or for your loved one? Whether you are attracted to Hanuman's power or just want a beautiful piece of jewelry, choosing the right bracelet can be a significant choice.. In this article, I will discuss the top 5 Hanuman bracelets available today. Each of these  Hanuman bracelets offer unique features and designs to honor the strength and devotion of Hanuman - “the most powerful Hindu deity”. Let's explore and find the perfect Hanuman bracelet for you.

Top 5 hanuman Bracelets

The Greatest Devotion Hanuman Clear Quartz Bracelet

Hanuman is known as the greatest devotee ever, who overcame many challenges and showed unmatched devotion to Lord Rama. His love, affection, selflessness, and sacrifice are beyond comparison. Hanuman is a powerful, gentle, and loveable figure who destroys evil, banishes dark energies, and frees us from pain and insecurity.

This clear quartz bracelet from Just Wow Factory represents Hanuman's love, respect, honor, and dedication. It features a stainless steel ball with a laser-carved silhouette of Sri Hanuman on both sides. This design serves as a constant reminder of one's potential and fearlessness, even in difficult times.

The 8mm clear quartz beads are believed to awaken the crown chakra, providing wisdom and insight for better decision-making and perseverance. Thus, do not wait and order yours now! 

The Obstruction Remover Hanuman Ji Tribal Bracelet

Hanuman's devotion to Lord Rama is so profound that he sees his reflection in everything around him. He always comes to the aid of those in need, defending the dignity of women, the pride of honest people, and the belief in truthfulness. Although he remains unaffected by worldly luxuries, Hanuman is fully aware of the pain, hardships, and oppression people face. He continues to rescue us from the grips of evil forces.

The handmade tribal Hanuman bracelet from Just Wow Factory symbolizes dedication and devotion to Sri Hanuman. It features stainless steel balls, each finely engraved with Hanuman's silhouette on both sides. This bracelet is more than just an accessory; it is designed to please the soul of those who believe in good deeds and the well-being of others.

The Devil's Nemesis Hanuman Agate Tribal Bracelet

Hanuman's power is so great that evil flees from him, and even devils are terrified by the force of his mace. The gods are humbled by his immense devotion. Hanuman quietly observes good deeds and removes enmity, malice, and envy. Negative energies bow to his grace, power, and unwavering love for Rama.

This Hanuman bracelet from Just Wow Factorysymbolizes Hanuman's love, respect, honor, and dedication. It features a stainless steel ball, laser-carved with Hanuman's silhouette on both sides, serving as a constant reminder of one's potential and fearlessness, even in difficult times.

The 10mm orange beads awaken the sacral chakra, helping to regulate emotions, enhance creative expression, and improve analytical abilities.

Evil's Woe Hanuman Carnelian Cuff & Threaded Pair of Bracelets

Carnelian is known for working on the root chakra, providing strong protection against evil and negative energy. It boosts self-confidence and eliminates self-doubt. The 10mm stainless steel ball, laser-etched with Hanuman's image on both sides, is a mark of quality and craftsmanship.

The 6mm carnelian Hanuman bracelet is considered the perfect choice for devotees of Sri Hanuman. Hand-braided on stainless steel wire, this hanuman bracelet from Just Wow Factory showcases exceptional craftsmanship, reflecting passion, compassion, and dedication. The pair of bracelets symbolizes strength, courage, and clarity. Wearing them helps overcome evil, boredom, discouragement, and defeatist attitudes.

So, are you ready to wear these bracelets and invite positive energy and the protective presence of Sri Hanuman into your life?

Remain Surrendered Under Hanuman Ji 108 Agate Tiger Eye Mala

True devotion and unfathomable love can only be achieved by having a heart like Sri Hanuman ji, whose exemplary respect, devotion, and surrender to Sri Ram teach us the real values in life. Anyone can follow and practice these philosophies.

Inspired by Hanuman's devotion, we have carved his meditative image on a powerful healing agate stone pendant. This pendant symbolizes energy, meditation, and belief.

The designer has used 6mm energized and sanitized agate and tiger eye stones to enhance the pendant mala's aura. We assure you of great quality and believe you will appreciate the protection and attention it brings from Hanuman.

The artisan from Just Wow Factory uses hand tools for carving, so there might be slight scratches on the outline and stones, but rest assured, what you wear will be a unique and beautiful piece of art from mother earth.

Just Wow Factory guarantees free replacement and satisfaction. Would you like to embrace this 108-bead mala of love, devotion, and surrender? The stock is limited, so don't miss out!

Benefits of Wearing Hanuman Bracelets:

  1. Protection: Hanuman bracelets offer protection against negative energies and evil forces.
  2. Strength: They symbolize strength and courage, helping you face challenges bravely.
  3. Devotion: Wearing these bracelets can deepen your spiritual connection and devotion to Hanuman.
  4. Positive Energy: They attract positive energy and promote a sense of well-being.
  5. Confidence: Hanuman bracelets boost self-confidence and help eliminate self-doubt.
  6. Peace: They bring a sense of inner peace and calmness.
  7. Focus: These bracelets aid in improving focus and concentration.
  8. Healing: The stones used in Hanuman bracelets have healing properties that benefit the wearer.
  9. Good Karma: Wearing them encourages good deeds and positive actions


In conclusion, Hanuman bracelets are more than just beautiful accessories; they offer protection, strength, and positive energy. They boost confidence, promote inner peace, improve focus, and have healing properties. Wearing a Hanuman bracelet embodies devotion, good karma, and well-being, inviting Sri Hanuman's powerful presence into your life. Choose the perfect Hanuman bracelet from Just Wow Factory to embrace these meaningful benefits.