JWF™ Remain Surrendered Under Hanuman Ji 108 Agate Tiger Eye Mala

The utter devotion and unfathomable love can not be achieved until one has heart of Sri Hanuman ji, whose exemplary respect, devotion and surrender to Sri Ram are the pillar for human to understand the real values in life. One can be a mite follower and practitioner of these philosophy.

Designer's Note

Keeping the inspiration, affection and faith in him, we have carved his meditative oblique  image in the real and powerful healing agate stone pendant. The pendant is formidably a symbol for energy, meditation and belief.

Our designer has nicely used 6mm energised and well sanitised stones of agate and tiger eye to ravel out the real aura of pendant mala.

We assure you of great quality and also believe that you will love to garner the protection and attention from him.

Our artisan has used hand tools for carving so there is slight chances for scratches on the outline and stones, but don't worry, what you will wear is epic and the beauty of mother earth

Our assurance vouches for free replacement and satisfaction. Would you not like to embrace this 108 mala of love, devotion and surrender? We have limited stock.