JWF™ "Shelve The Ego" Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet

Tiger's eye stone being a strong healer is said to appease the fluttering emotions and errant thoughts. it helps strengthening mind for strong decision making

Designer speaks

Ego does not bring achievement nor satisfaction, It brings devastation and weakness in one's ability to explore and flourish. Just seclude the ego and emancipate from the shackle of self professed superficial happiness. Let the soul feel that you have relinquished the path of self devastation and accepted the humility of universe. Our tiger eye bracelet strongly support the cause of being immersive in the state of inner happiness and bliss. The stylish and premium three layered 6mm tiger eye stone bracelet helps you to sail the path of zig zag and terrain of troubles with ease with affirmative mind.

The middle agate stone framed in brass cover is epitome of your strong mind during the time of tough phase, where you need to practice calm and patience. Wear this charismatic bracelet to experience the power and balance both.

We are offering free replacement and free shipping. So that peace of mind automatically comes following you through this beautiful purchase. So whats you plan? Just get it before it soothes somebody else's wrist. It is ideal for both male and female