JWF™ Bringing Insight 7 Chakra Agate Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer speaks

A misguided mind always remain in mesh of confusion and doldrum. It happens when our mind is deflected and influenced with external environment. Be a guide of your mind with little stubbornness and persuasiveness. Twitch the negativity and lock the horn with odds and inculcate never giving attitude until you subdue the effect of submissiveness to problems. You need balance, you want strength and on the top of that you need the influx of good energy. Our 7 chakra tiger eye bracelet acts a company to bring you cheers, colours and balance by controlling and unblocking the chakras. Therefore each color carries a significance and corresponds with every chakra in our body.

The 8mm stones come alive with mantra laminated agate cylindrical beads and adjustable rope in the backdrop. It is lasting, strong and skin friendly. You can wear it with any attire but should remove while having shower.

This is available on COD with free replacement assurance if arrived damaged. So no mental worry, just hurry to take it your wrist's company.