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JWF™ "Light Up Your Dream" Tiger Eye Black Agate Peace Bracelet


☞ Free Replacement

Authentic Gemstones

☞ In House Made Design

  Tiger Eye stone strengthens the mind, enhances confidence, motivates for correct decision and helps in social harmony

Designer's Desk

If one really wants to achieve higher degree of self sufficiency, greater decision making and physically more agile, then this bracelet takes you on the ride with protection.

This bracelet is made exclusively keeping health and positivity in mind. You should wear this bracelet with the attire of your choice. This is soothing and calming. Well suited to every wrist

The exquisite premium quality stones are beautifully placed along the middle bead, where Shanti (Peace Mantra) is inscribed. So it provides a calming effect while wearing.

Healing Stones

Tiger eye also propels kundalini awakening. It stimulates decision-taking actions and helps you find the discernment in taking the right step towards progress

It is said that After wearing this, People often felt the changes in their behaviour and psychological strength. The black stone used here strengthens the aura by negating the dull energies and transcending the emotionally weak mindset.

A Tiger Eye Stone:

  1. Brings insight into complex situations
  2. Protects from negative energies
  3. Helps focus the mind
  4. Can deepen one's meditative state
  5. Grounds and centres personal energy
  6. Dispels fears
  7. Promotes mental clarity

A Black Agate Stone:

  1. Diminishes the onlsaght of Negative Energy
  2. Known To Augment spiritual and physical plans
  3. Helps take stock of grim situations
  4. Can help stay immune from mental turmoil
  5. Strengthens Reproductive System
  6. Excellent Healing Crystal for indgestion and respiratory system
  7. Promotes mental clarity
Product Information
  1. Number of Bracelet: 1 (Three Wrap)
  2. Stones: Tiger Eye and Agate:
  3. Stones Size: 8mm
  4. Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
  5. Middle bead: 12x16mm
  6. Length: 51-54cm
  7. Band: Elastic and also can be rope, if you need customisation
  8. Delivery Time: 3-5 Days (INDIA)
  9. Shipping and Delivery Fee: FREE
  10. Payment Gateway: 100% Secured and SSL enabled: 17-19 cm
Refixing & Re-energising

Good News is that you are covered for 7 days free replacement policy. Icing on the cake is post purchase damage cover once replacement policy lapses.

This policy covers accidental damage and re-fixing the stone beaded products, Though our quality is superior and have lasting thread but accidental damage or mishandling can happen anywhere. we have decided to extend the support to our existing customers, who want their product re-energised and re-fixed due to accidental damage(Like broken thread and resizing) post purchase.

This policy is different from free replacement policy Please read that. Replacement policy is for the damage and misfit or wrong product received, where as this policy covers the damage post purchase.

This policy will be applicable post 7 days of delivery. In that case we will charge a nominal fee of Rs 300, where we will pick up the product and deliver it to your door step within 10 days.

This policy will not cover the metal part (de-colorised or broken), however if you want that then our support executive will tell you the price of that part and we can do this for you.

What we will cover

  1. Stones Based Products above Rs1000
  2. Re-energising the stones
  3. Thread replacement
  4. To and Fro pick up and Home delivery.

This Policy does not cover for

  1. Leather products
  2. Exchange with new or other product.
  3. Metal products.
  4. Product below Rs 1000
  5. You can write us at support@justwowfactory.com or whats app at +91-704276916

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