JWF™ " Steer Forward With Confidence" Tiger Eye Stone Focus Bracelet

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The most protective stone is said to make the wearer stay grounded and high in self-esteem. It helps bring strong decision making and a stable mind in any situation

Various healing properties are attributed to this powerful stone. People have been wearing across the globe to stay focussed, cheerful, and healthy.

We are glad that our customers have been liking it and we have tried to give it some fashion touch so that it looks more astonishing and glamorous

Tiger Eye Stone is magical and mesmerizing in its benefits. it contains the energy of both sun and earth. 

Three Main Benefits for Wearing Tiger Eye

  • Protection from black and negative energies
  • Enhances confidence and focus
  • Heals the body faster and Percolates soothing effect on the mind.

 It can be worn by anybody irrespective of any zodiac sign. It brings relief to a person in distress and emotional turbulence.

That's why we present to you the uniquely and exclusively designed handmade bracelets with the combination of natural black stone and tiger eye stone.

You wear these two bracelets together to make your wrist more robust and fashionable. 

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