JWF™ Splendorous Fortune Auspicious Sriyantra Tiger Eye Necklace

Designer speaks

Glory does come searching you when you intone with pristine intention for it. Good fortune is spoke of karma wheel. It does not appear while you are fast pacing your good karma but it supports you without being visible. Outstandingly bad energies are the repercussion of malicious intent and vile mindset. Sriyantra stymies and reverse the attack of any such negative ill will and vanquishes the vanity and emptiness both. It sanitises the hounded and depressive mind and  further replenishes it with streaks of continuous good vibes.

Wear our astoundingly and aesthetically mind appeasing sriyantra necklace to evoke glorifying and aureate persona. The sleek rectangular sriyantra pendant not only embellishes your root, sacral and solar plexus chakra but also brings profound inner cleaning and soul cleansing. It propagates the full of life philosophy to the wearer who believes it to be a talisman of riches, growth and success.