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JWF™ Pure & High Quality Sri Lakshmi Yantra Crystal Quartz (Sphatik) Bracelet


Presenting you the most sought after symbol of wealth and prosperity In this beautiful with Sphatik Stones bracelet for You

Sphatik Crystal is associated with the protection and power and is also known as rhinestone.

The sphatik stone, in general works on spiritual, mental and physical strength. In particular, the stone is adored by all because it acts as a natural coolant of the mind.

Lots of health benefits have been witnessed by wearing sphatik stones. It heals the distorted aura of the body and replenishes the positive energy.

We are presenting to you this elegance with beauty in bracelet form with combinations of Lava (Volcanic Stone) and Rudraksha (The power of Rudra) respectively.

The majestic sriyantra is icing on the cake in terms of look and aestheticism.

Sri Yantra helps revitalises the ambience and purifies the negative energies around. Lots of benefits are associated with this

Sri Yantra Bracelet helps you release fear, anxiety and apprehension, which are stumbling block in one's success towards creating fortune and wealth.

It enables the wearer to become focussed and energetic to take on the problems and negative energies.

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🕉 Sri Yantra is associated with Maa Lakshmi (The Goddess Of Prosperity). Wear this bracelet every day to feel the surge of positivity, peace and a balanced mind. It also brings a healing effect on our body.

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🕉 People keep and wear this symbol in the form of pendant, bracelet and also keep as talisman or tapestry in their auspicious place of office and home for harmony and progress.

🕉  The blessing of Powerhouse Lakshmi Sri Yantra helps the wearer to stay active and right decision maker and it heals and fills your body with positive energy, which governs your actions towards creating wealth fortune and harmony. 

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