JWF™ Reload Confidence With Peace Mantra Tiger Eye Agate Bracelet

Mantras and chants are intoned for peace, power and surreality. Be in the company of etched mantras beaded bracelet.

Designer's desk

Your hard work is not waste, it is just your confidence which will spruce you up for winning the battle of achievements. Make a stride of faith in to your intention with tethered  loose ends of emotion and worry. Knuckle down to your wisdom and belief of nearing success. You are just few steps away from embracing the taste of success. Our mantra beaded tiger eye agate bracelet is pathfinder to your happiness and helping hand in building your confidence with reloaded energy.

Our layered tiger eye agate bracelet with 8 mm stones make your wrist comfortable and happy when it snugs it. The stones are natural and authentic. We offer free replacement. The stylish metal clasp with extended chain will find your wrist adjust with that.