JWF™ "Enkindle Confidence & Positivity " Red Tiger Eye Healing Stone Buddha Bracelet

  Wear This Bracelet For
  1. Removal of the disarray of thoughts and Mental Clarity
  2. Embarkment of Positive energy
  3. Strengthening of mind for decision making

Designer's Desk

A clear and calm mind propels us and guides our action in right direction, so that a desired outcome can be achieved. This is possible until we believe ourselves to be in the acceptance of finding the solution for us

A kudos to a master healer with abundant healing virtues, the red tiger eye stone is the stone to wear to fly free from the pressing emotions and clogged mind Red tiger eye stones placates the mind and rip off the turmoil inside our mind. It soothes the mind to think positively.

Reveal your panoramic side of "Happy go lucky and Feel Good Inside" factor with element of confidence and calmness Here we present to you a bracelet of inspiration, that keeps you hooked with proclaimed confidence and strong mind.  
Healing Power of Red Tiger Eye
Metaphysically, Tiger eye stone is attributed to too many healing properties; here are the most popular ones.

A Red Tiger Eye Stone:

  1. Brings insight into complex situations
  2. Protects from negative energies
  3. Helps focus the mind
  4. Can deepen one's meditative state
  5. Grounds and centres personal energy
  6. Dispels fears
  7. Promotes mental clarity
Stones: 8MM Red Tiger Eye Stone
  1. Number of Bracelets: 2
  2. Buddha Metal: 8mm (Alloy)
  3. Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
  4. Middle bead: 10x14mm
  5. Length: 17-19 cm
  6. Band: Elastic and also can be rope, if you need customisation
  7. Delivery Time: 3-5 Days (INDIA)
  8. Shipping and Delivery Fee: FREE
  9. Payment Gateway: 100% Secured and SSL enabled: 17-19 cm