The Determination Red Tiger Eye Agate Pair Healing Bracelet


 ✔ Positivism ✔ Composure ✔ Protection

The Red tiger eye stones dwarf all those negativity, negates the onslaught of the demeaning attitude of people around you and help you excel to the level where you deserve to be at. It strengthens you mentally and emotionally to face all these problems.

What is this Bracelet For?

Made with two powerful natural stones, Red Tiger's Eye and Agate, both are strong and protective healers. 

The Agate Red tiger eye stone bracelet is made exclusively for health, positivity and, to enhance focus and energy level. Wear Red Tiger Eye Agate Combination For Composure and Focus.

Know The Stones used in This Bracelet

The Black agate is an all-round healing gemstone, its healing properties are widely known for healing spirit, body, and, mind. It draws its energy from mother earth thus making people stay grounded and focused.

Red Tiger Eye stone is considered a protective stone and brings relief from anxiety, fear, and, stress. It helps deepen the meditative state and overcome the emotional disturbance.

    The healing properties of stone help bring the clarity of thoughts, programs the mind for right decision making, and attract the positive energy around.

    ......Made By Us, Liked  By You.....

    The unique and elegant with great sophistication red tiger eye bracelet is the new charm for yoga, meditation and, health lovers. 

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    Know The Product

  • Natural Black Agate and Red Tiger Eye Stone (8mm)
  • Premium Zirconia Ball
  • Handmade By Artisan
  • COD Available | 100% Replacement if received Damage