JWF™ "Savour The Divinity" Aum Turquoise Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Raise above the self defined boundary and rise to the occasion of being a true worrier of truth. The protective turquoise aum bracelet is your chariot to cleave through the noise and confusion. Find your self in a true space of heightened energy and elevated confidence with our unique divine filled turquoise bracelet

Wear Turquoise Hematite Bracelet for

  • Raising the self conviction and Courage

  • Keeping the inner calmness

  • Imbibing the Positivity

Endowed with tranquility, calmness and creativity Turquoise stone is spiritual guarding stone with strong metaphysical healing properties.

Turquoise instills the truth bound attitude in the person, who wear it. It is known for courage and never defeating attitude stone.

We guarantee for quality and replacement if received damaged products.

100% Natural and Authentic Stones

Product Information:

Bracelet Type: Stretchable with fine band

Gender: Suitable for All

Length: 17-19cm and customised based on the wrist size.

Stones: Turquoise with 8mm beads

Delivery Time: 3-6 Days