JWF™ Reign Of Possibility Premium Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Why do we always whine about the things, which did not belong to us. Somebody's achievement may be loss for somebody, but it does not mean that we darken the hope of impending success ahead. The law of nature is resting upon the balancing act. Keep exploring the avenues to roll the ambition further in the roller coaster ride of life with determination and firmness in intention.

Our blue tiger eye helps you meditate and think about exploring the immense avenues ahead. As the tiger eye stones are termed as potential healer and stones of mind for bringing solidity in decision and helps in removal of shilly-shally approach.

Made with 6mm beaded stones, the three fold tiger eye bracelet is not a mere bracelet, its bracelet of intention, avenues and possibility. The 10x6mm zirconia studded copper metal in the middle is your self belief, that can tide over all issues with ease. So stay strong and stay moving with vehemence.