JWF™ Discovery Of Self Belief Aum Rudraksha Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet

Face the truth of life, that we all are equally made and equally managed. Only thing that differentiate us from each other is our karmic journey and virtues thatwe attain and keep. Life is bliss as well as learning both. But when bliss and learning are assimilated then emerge the truth of one's existence. You just need lay down the discovered path of self belief and rooted faith in carrying forward the journey of life.

Designer speaks

Our Aum powered rudraksha tiger eye beaded bracelet is a step further in making you virtuous and your karmic journey more enlightened. The successive 6mm beads of tiger eye and rudraksha are wreathed to give you more power, strength, energy and calm. These beads are said to calm down and clear the turbid mind on the face of uncertainties of apt decision taking. 

Out 6mm beads are impeccable quality wise and healing properties wise, These are natural with blessing of omnipresent Aum and meditative buddha.

This divinity drenched bracelet is on FREE Delivery and Free replacement in case you receive it damaged.