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JWF™ Reignite Your Passion Obsidian Tiger Eye Bracelet

Pulled down? Get up and get rid of the dilly dally approach. Every time is your time and every passing moment is a moment of loss. Just give yourself a fillip to outnumber the drowning energies with the help of our four fold passion bracelet.

Designer's Note

Being karmic is the only way to be the master of your own destiny. Just vehemently dispel the fog of inactions and get in to the groove to take the fun ride with your passion with our energy balancing and confidence builder obsidian tiger eye bracelet.

Our 8mm Obsidian Tiger Eye beads are strung together with carved mantra on 12x14 middle roller bead to enable you a sense of belongingness with your action. So that you can chart out new glory and success.

Healing Obsidian Stone

Obsidian is usually dark in appearance, though the color varies depending on the presence of impurities.

Benefits of Black Obsidian Stone

An excellent crystal for healing and spiritual work

It is called psychic protection stone and gets formed from molten lava

A power cleanser of Aura and and create a shields against negative energies from penetrating mind and body.

It controls the resentment and anger level. It is said to alleviate the fear and anxiety level

It absorbs all psychic attack from environment as a result it declutter the mind from depressive thoughts

It Connects and resonates with the base or root chakra to aid you to stay grounded

This bracelet qualifies for free replacement and free shipping. Delivery time 3-7 days dependent upon covid and weather situation in the given pin code.
The copper crown with golden plating of size 10mm

Being a sole entity of your own karma and action, you are blessed to have the power of get going.

Wear this stunner to feel the styling and elegance together. The shanti mantra engraved on the stone is symbolic presence of calmness, Just look at this when you feel distracted and down and get in to pursuing your dream. Never give up just move.