JWF™ Defying Odd Premium Malachite Hematite Bracelet

Desert Your mind from the shell of confusion and cacophony. Only inscrutable mind can fight the battle of conscience. Let the dews of self reckoning patter on you and make you cleansed with its soothingness. Roads can be made but path must be discovered for one's own journey. Our hematite malachite stones pair of bracelets set you in place of idyllic energy and soaring confidence

Designer Speaks

Our 8mm malachite and hematite wrench the orgy of negativity and clench the neck of envy by opening the heart and throat chakra both. It subjugates petulance and angst and evolve the wearer subdued with confidence.

Both stones being blessed with healing virtues are capable enough to bolster the outlook towards taking up the steps and decision in life. Hematite is known to bring balance and strength by working on root chakra and malachite undoubtedly brings the avenues of unconditional love and respect.

The 8x12mm copper metal with studded zircon is your impervious mind that binds and restrain all undulation of emotions and wandering thoughts. 

We believe that love, surrender and, confidence when assimilated in one's attitude will always help sail through the rocky mountains and odds of life with ease. Make these irrefutable pair bracelets a part of your life and style. Just grab it before it adulates somebody else's eye

The bracelets are on  free replacement when arrived damaged and tempered. So we ensure you a peace, bliss and happiness through our friendly policy and support.