Vibrant Thinking Malachite Bracelet

Designer's Desk

Think, think and think but out of the box and shoot for universe and not for sky. The well said axiom is principle for success. The craving for success and hunger for achievement can not die until one has empowered oneself with spirited thinking. Dig the tunnel of hope with spade of determination to pass through the obstacle.

Our malachite bracelet shows a predilection for your wrist, which is eager to take action on their path to success.

The super elegant and stupefying malachite is stone of improving health and ailment. Malachite is called the creative stones, People often keeps it at their desk in work place for gaining insight. 

Product Information

  • 6mm Malachite stones for protection, healing and creativity
  • 10x8 MM Oval Malachite for strong headed approach
  • Skin friendly metal clasp for modern look
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