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JWF™ Empowering Wisdom Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

The biggest wisdom is appreciating self worth and knowing the potential which you always have been ignoring. Because that potential is the gateway to success provided that it is realised on time and timely action taken to convert the passion in to reality. You recognise your inner strength and mitigate the premonition of failure. Take action and leave it on the time. Our lapis lazuli bracelet helps you empower this thoughts of go getting with the never yielding mindset.

The marvellous natural lapis lazuli is the stone of strength and wisdom. It is often called to embolden one's confidence and agility

In essence, Lapis Lazuli works on immune system and helps emanation the flow of energy uniformly to keep body calm and relaxed.

The crown makes it perfect for you to feel the king of wisdom and strength and take the decision without perplexity.

Wear your lapis lazuli today to invite wisdom in your life and make it more progressive

  • 12MM Hematite is used to highlight you as crowned king
  • 8mm Lapis Lazuli bolsters the self faith and wisdom
  • Strong and Adjustable chain clasp