JWF™ Karma & Glory Tibetan Obsidian Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Glory does not come at its own, some time it is blessed and inherited with our past karmas. So the good deeds juxtapose two opposite outcomes in life, Be it bad or good. Our karmas are our determinants of our success and glory in the present life. Let's believe that we all are part of good karma system and unify the universe by mankind's love. The obsidian bracelet carries this tenet and stamps on the bad energies in order to stay moving on the good karma path.

Its not single, not double, not triple , its FOUR FOLD

The copper pipe with studded zirconia doles out premium look with 8mm obsidian beads in the backdrop followed by metal clasp. you can wear this as three wrap with your ensemble of choice.

Having come from volcano, the obsidian stone contains the virtues and elements of mother earth. It disembarks the negative energy and help one rid of depressive state and physiological imbalances like depressive thoughts, anxiety and emotional upheaval, fear of failure etc.

Our free replacement policy protects your mental peace and also our quintessential energising and Re-fixing  policy gives you extended relief.

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