JWF™ Instilling Harmony & Love Evil Eye Rose Quartz Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Knock down  ululating emotions and poignancy today with deep breath of contentment. If we better shut the door on the face of confusing people and unnecessary raucous, we evolve as better human being. Your are undeniably and inarguably the good human being. Just straddle the happiness and harmony with our evil eye rose quartz rope bracelet. Ride high and shine brilliantly with our charismatic rose quartz bracelet. It is not only a bracelet but true companion on the path to love and harmony

Treat&yourself with beautiful head turner and symbolic harmonious rose quartz bracelet. It helps one inculcate the serenity and invoke love in the life of wearer. Rose quartz is termed as the stone of love and harmony. It helps one evoke the emotion in right way and right direction.

Wreathed in 6mm rose quartz beads, the bracelet carries the elegance of zirconia studded copper metal evil eye, which bolsters the protection around and thwart the envy and black spell away.

It is qualified for free replacement under the damage covered free shipping. So ease the burden today and burden yourself with aura and confidence.