JWF™ Ushering In To Prosperity & Abundance Citrine Bracelet


Designer speaks

Be the guide of your ambition. Manifest your dream in reality with help of proper gateway of opportunity. Usher in the era of prosperity and abundance with self assurance and belief in self worth. Your self assertion today for riches and abundance transmute the negative energy and disarraying thoughts. Citrine is the most powerful healing stones and wealth attractor. It is best considered to pair with other crystals like aventurine, hematite, clear quartz, tiger eye, amethyst. This vibrates color yellow in solar plexus chakra, The chakra of self confidence, assurance, assertion and prosperity.

Citrine with Amethyst:  Intuitiveness, Anxiety, higher consciousness 

Citrine with Aventurine: Wealth, abundance and opportunity

Citrine with Hematite: Focus, concentration and grounding

Citrine with Tiger Eye: Motivation, self confidence, courage

Citrine with Clear quartz: Clarity, wisdom and decision making

The 8mm citrine is paired with respective stones of corresponding chakras for better effect. Our design is unique and exclusive, that you can wear everyday with every attire.

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