Heart Winning Garnet Rose Quartz Bracelet For Harmony

Designer Note

The Eye soothing and Heart captivating combination of Garnet and Rose Quartz bracelet is specially designed for re-igniting the hidden love and friendship between you and your soulmate.

These combination is meant to elevate the aura and bring the energy of romance and truthfulness in relationship

Garnet is stone of friendship and Rose quartz is stone of love and harmony. These stones are recommended to wear together to turn the downhill going energy in relation to up the slope of love and romance.

We have beautified it further with 10mm Zirconia ball in order to give it more premium look. So that your wrist will not go unnoticed

It is so awesome to wear it with any dress, We  assure you that your magnificence will  ensnare any eye in to its net.

Product Detail

  • Stones: Rose Quartz and Garnet
  • Stones Size: 6mm (Rose Quartz) and 8mm (Garnet)
  • Metal: Zirconia Ball (Copper)
  • Size:17-19 cm and can be customised based on wrist size
  • Thread: Adjustable and lasting