JWF™ Divine Freedom Aum Tiger Eye Obsidian Stone Bracelet

Obsidian is known to work for root chakra and tiger eye for solar plexus chakra. Obsidian brings intrinsically balance and strength whereas tiger eye stone is quintessentially a stone of mind and capable of bringing strong decision making.

Designer speaks

Be the game of spirited mind and galvanised intent. Let the divine shower of bliss cleanse you deep down. Just flick through your deep inside to find your passion to re-elect the power of positivity with our mind soothing obsidian and tiger eye stones. The 10mm stainless steel carved stainless steel metal ball perfects the look of stones and empower it with divine shadow.

  • 8mm Obsidian stone for strength, shields from negativity, helps remove the barrier for smooth functionality of root chakra, that is for balance
  • 8mm tiger eye stones (dyed) intrinsically helps cleans smog in your thoughts and keep mind strong
  • 10MM Stainless steel ball for divine presence