JWF™ Crowning Hope Hematite Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer's Note

We are veritably a king of our own possession, If the possession is strong optimism, nurtured values and, cultured thinking. You can belt out the song of our achievement with strong endurance and never giving up attitude. The attitude cultivates the fighting skills against odds. The endurance is managing the onslaught of criticism, disgrace and envy from all sides. Just be acting like king and pin your hop on the winning battle ground of emotional set back, malice and dubious distinction with our tiger eye hematite pair of bracelets

The exquisite 8mm tiger bracelet is used for mental strength, courage and luck, where as 6mm hematite is known for bolstering stability, inculcating grounding and focus towards one's goal.

  • Zirconia crown and balls are  made from copper 
  • 8mm Tiger eye and 6m Hematite stones
  • Adjustable rope
  • Free Replacement and re-energising & refixing policy