JWF™ "Courageous Intent" Lion Head Premium Hematite Tiger Eye Bracelet

Take the front seat to ride high on the crest of wave. Bundle up your joy and noble intent to delist from the displeasure and anxious mind.

Designer's Note

Shower your king like intention with zeal and renewed optimism. Only be the master of luxurious attitude rather than being a servile attendant of agony and battering emotions. Your zeal does not let other jest with you on your goal. Your fervency is guileless and matchless. Be devoid of negativism and just slam the door hard on the face of disparagement.

You can lead by an example when you have all those capability and courage. Just say aloud today then i am gonna be a human of possibilities and achievements. Keep courage and practice calm in the wake of tumultuous emotions and difficulties, This shall too pass and good fortune will prevail.

The 10x8mm middle metal studded with lion head is your tenacious intent, that shows no dearth of courage regardless of situation. Just be like lion's courage to nail down the negative vibes

Our 8mm hematite tiger eye bracelet embellishes your mind with strong execution and persistency of never giving in. Hematite is known for providing stability and strength due to its association with root chakra where as tiger eye is associated with sacral chakra, that governs the self confidence, power, and belief