JWF™ " Soothing Vibes" Sphatik (Clear Quartz ) Ganesha Bracelet

The epic Ganesha sphatik crystal quartz bracelet invites soothing vibes and calmness to the wearer due to it strong healing virtues

Designer speaks

The strong rooted tree can be swayed by the gusty wind, but can not be uprooted in-spite of repeated onset of the storm. In the same vein, a clear mind cant be dissuaded by the haze and dust of negativity if that mind is determined and blessed to stay clear. Our clear quartz (Crystal quartz) helps transform  one's outlook and pours in focus with more subtle thinking process. It helps one keep the desire and flame of hope abreast.

As 10mm stainless steel Ganesha bead corroborates the beauty of this magnificence with amplifying 8mm clear quartz beads of truth and calmness.Made with strong adjustable rope, you can subdue the presence of malice and melancholy both.