"Exhibit Self Expression" Exclusive Citrine Bracelet

Citrin Stone is said to evolve self-expression, invigorate the mind and excel in the creative aspect in you.

Designer's Note

The wait is over, because we promised you to give you the purity and exclusivity, eventually you are the special one for us. So we evolved a beautiful and beguiling citrine bracelet for your wrist.

Let the real splendour of exquisite CITRINE stones adorn your wrist with the premium zirconia ball. The exhibition of beauty combines with brilliance of your persona. it becomes icing on the cake. Would not you wear the bracelet, which amplifies your endearing aura.

The healing power of citrine is unprecedented and is known for its umpteen healing benefits. The 8mm hight quality and premium citrine stones are roped in with 10mm premium zirconia ball to evoke the sense of premium appeal in a sophisticated bracelet.

The quality of rope is unmatched and robust until you decide to break it by hook or crook. 

One should wear this bracelet for self expression, balanced mind and good health, as it is said to uplift the immune system of body and detoxifies the blood.

We also assure you of our replacement and quality. so that when you buy, you buy a peace not a bracelet.