JWF™ "Be Peace Evangelist" Blissful Hand Carved Buddha Lava Bracelet & Mala


100% Natural Healing Lava and Obsidian Stones For Focus, Positivity and Health.

Designer Note

The beautiful hand-carved buddha on obsidian stone with natural 8mm lava beaded stone mala & buddha bracelet is what you get together. The splendid natural lava is the stone of focus, grounding nature and calmness. It is often said to embolden one's confidence and thinking perspective.

The hand carved buddha is energy radiating symbol to calm down all noise, turmoil and befuddling thoughts of being failed.

Aura cleansing Lava Beaded Buddha Mala and buddha braceletwill guide you and strengthen your spiritual intelligence. The combination will help you find the bundle of peace and inner bliss to get rid of invidious position. Lava and obsidian combination is said to allure the people and get you easy going with them.

Are you ready to get the reckoning today through your action and word? Wear this natural stones laced mala and bracelet to tromp on the gravelled road of anxiety, noise and resentment with ease.

This beautiful mala is conceptualised, designed and formalised here in india, so this is locally made india product by our hinterland's talented artisan. Their livelihood is living on this carving art. We have pledged to support them for this cause and reach the beautiful product to you.