JWF™ Stay Resonated With Calming 108 Clear Quartz Sphatik Evil Eye Mala

Clear Quartz (Sphatik) crystal is said to bring mind soothing and amplified energy. This crystal is often worn in mala in order to feel the cooling effect. it is said to bring control of mood swings and temper. Its powerful calming effect is undeniably acknowledged worldwide.

Designer's Desk

Slam hard on dejecting thoughts and turbulent emotions with your revitalised spirit and revamped outlook . Let you intone your affirmative mind with our 6mm 108 sphatik mala (clear quartz stones) to stay resonated with bloom of calmness and positivity. Our mala is natural and authentic with strong durable rope. It comes with stainless steel evil eye laser carved stainless steel bead.

This 108 mala is quintessence of aesthetic elegance and appealing goodness. It helps one to beat off the anxiety and blues of erratic mood. Such a powerful mala will crystallise your disarraying mind in to something more concrete and fertile

  • 6mm high quality clear quartz crystal
  • 10mm carved stainless steel evil eye ball for drawing off envy and ennui.
  • 108 beads for affirmation and calmness
  • Free Replacement assurance