Confidence Raising Blue Tiger Eye Obsidian Bracelet

Emphatic on building up the lost vigour and confidence ? The person, who is brimming up with confidence is action oriented and destines oneself to obey the difficult path with ease.

The reckoning force behind the action is one's mind, that needs to be solidified with conviction and courage. Let loose the strings of indolence today and grab the rope of positivity to swing in to action with our awesome double wrap blue tiger eye bracelet.

The tiger eye stones help your mind becomes unaffected from emotional disturbance and clamour of negative around. Just get in to groove of action and achieve your desired result. In this journey our tiger eye helps champion the cause not the result, which is in your hand.

So would you like to wear this tingling beauty in your hand to demonstrate the utter courage in your action today?

Our 8mm blue tiger eye stones are paired with yet another powerful healer, called obsidian. This obsidian stones works on elevating your energy level and bolsters your conviction for attaining your goal. The duo tiger eye and obsidian stones are powerful combination when it comes to support, execute and promote you with go getting attitude.

Our replacement policy is quite friendly and we cover the damaged product upon arrival, so no whim and fancy, just grab it to experience the vigour and let the negativity trundle past you.