JWF™ Natural Obsidian 🕉 Ganesha Happiness Pendant Mala For Health & Positive Energy

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Ganesha being the redeemer of all the obstructions in our life is god of wisdom and motivation.Thats why we have made this auspicious pendant for our customers, who loves him and respects him.

Obsidian Stone used in this marvellous Black GANESHA pendant removes the impurities and heals the inner body faster and This Ganesha Pendant impels us to move with optimism in life.

🕉 Wear it for Chakra Healing, Reiki, Meditation, Positivity and Peace

Hand Made carving on powerful natural obsidian stone by the skilled artisan. This stone being apotropaic in nature is considered to ward off all negative energies..

🕉 Feel the power of composure and calmness. Ideal For Both Men and Women

Feel protected always with the blessing of lord Ganesha powered pendant.This elegance captivates the attentions of positive energy and an abundance of aura.

It is specially crafted For You. The elegance and aestheticism are the two main factors of this auspicious Ganesha stone pendant.

#100% Natural Obsidian Stone | Assured Quality

Obsidian is usually dark in appearance, though the color varies depending on the presence of impurities.

Benefits of Black Obsidian Stone

  • An excellent crystal for healing and spiritual work
  • It is called psychic protection stone and gets formed from molten lava
  • A power Cleanser Of Your Aura
  • Has strong Metaphysical Property to Shield from Negativity and Envy Eyes
  • It absorbs all psychic attack from Environment.
  • It Connects and resonates with the base or root chakra to aid you to stay grounded

Product Information

  • Condition: Brand New (100% Satisfaction)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Agate and Obsidian
  • Pendant Size: 46 X 47 mm
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 Days (INDIA)
  • Shipping and Delivery Fee: FREE 
  • Payment Gateway: 100% Secured and SSL enabled

*Replacement is accepted With In 24 Hrs Of Delivery, If 24 Hrs Gone By, Unfortunately, We will not tender any request for the replacement