JWF™ Enriching Mental Strength Black Agate Buddha Peace Bracelet

Relish the moment of your self being, love and innate smile. Let the mind attain the wisdom of self reckoning.

  • Obscure and insecure mind often gets caught in the net of pounding emotional setbacks. All efforts and actions become inconsequential. That brings the whole body's energy in to depressive state.

    Removal of silhouette of negative thoughts from the mind is what one need to do. Here comes the bracelet of peace and confidence with virtuous healers like natural agate stone


    Designer's Desk

    The agate stones are beautifully strung in skin friendly rubber. This bracelet is made exclusively keeping health and positivity in mind.

    The exquisite premium quality stones are beautifully placed in the backdrop to middle bead, where buddha enriches the peace quotient of bracelet. Buddha provides a calming effect while wearing.

    This bracelet in triple fold with immense healing benefits propounds the reason to wear for pushing ahead oneself to the limit.



    Agate Stones

    Agate Stone is powerful natural stone used in this bracelet. Agate is repellent of negative ions present in the body. This stone is master healer and cleanses the aura of the body Agate Stone manifests your optimism to fill you with stability and vibrating energies.

    A Black Agate Stone:

    1. Diminishes the onslaught of Negative Energy
    2. Known To Augment spiritual and physical plans
    3. Helps take stock of grim situations
    4. Can help stay immune from mental turmoil
    5. Strengthens Reproductive System
    6. Excellent Healing Crystal for indigestion and respiratory system
    7. Promotes mental clarity
    1. Type of Bracelet: Three Wrap
    2. Stones:  Agate
    3. Stones Size: 6mm
    4. Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
    5. Buddha Metal: Alloy
    6. Middle bead: 10x14mm
    7. Length: 51-54cm
    8. Band: Elastic and also can be rope, if you need customisation
    9. Payment Gateway: 100% Secured and SSL enabled: 17-19 cm

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