JWF™ "Be the Guardian of Peace" Black Agate Buddha Bracelet

  Agate stone enhances mental function, corrects energy, rebalances the aura. It is said to improve thinking aspect and analytical skills.

The life comes with meaning. It beautifies every moment we live in. Moment does not remain same. Life is governed and described in the form of moments, be it bad or good. We are here to accomplish our dream and cherish the sublime time and memory spent in building and creating the materialistic possessions.

Here we present an exquisite peace invoking agate buddha bracelet, that can translate and accompany you in the journey of attaining your dream. This will not help you in your goal, but it will remind you that calmness in important and is required to chase those goal with ease.

Designer Note

The agate stones are beautifully strung in skin friendly rubber. This bracelet is made exclusively keeping health and positivity in mind. You should wear this bracelet with the attire of your choice. This is soothing and calming. Well suited to every wrist

The exquisite premium quality stones are beautifully placed along the middle bead, where buddha enriches the peace quotient of bracelet. So it provides a calming effect while wearing.

Healing Power of Agate Stone Stones


    A Black Agate Stone:

    1. Diminishes the onslaught of Negative Energy
    2. Known To Augment spiritual and physical plans
    3. Helps take stock of grim situations
    4. Can help stay immune from mental turmoil
    5. Strengthens Reproductive System
    6. Excellent Healing Crystal for indigestion and respiratory system
    7. Promotes mental clarity
    1. Type of Bracelet: Three Wrap
    2. Stones:  Agate
    3. Stones Size: 6mm
    4. Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
    5. Buddha Metal: Alloy
    6. Middle bead: 10x14mm
    7. Length: 51-54cm
    8. Band: Elastic and also can be rope, if you need customisation
    9. Delivery Time: 3-5 Days (INDIA)
    10. Shipping and Delivery Fee: FREE
    11. Payment Gateway: 100% Secured and SSL enabled: 17-19 cm


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