JWF™ Umpteen Magnificence Aum Obsidian Tiger Eye Bracelet


Tiger eye stone is termed as insightful stones and often recommended by healer for strong decision making and confidence building, where as obsidian is strength augmenting and aura builder stone. Both stones are combined to empower one's insight and thinking process.

Designer speaks

Speak up your mind and actualise your ambition by affirming your intention. The law of universe makes it possible for who has desire and perseverance. The stainless steel Aum aptly brings you abundance of peace, power and, strength to surrender to the world of possibilities. Our obsidian Aum tiger eye bracelet does not let negative energies manipulate to refrain you from taking action, when you full fledged swing yourself in to action to attain the goal you have set.

We are presenting to you an eye snatching, mind captivating stylish bracelets in different look and appeal, one appeases your senses and other one teases others' senses

The 6mm stones exemplify your confidence and approach towards your intention. Just be in style and exhibit brilliance and just do the thing which you like to undertake.