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JWF™ Karmic Elevation Aum Lava Tiger Eye Hematite Bracelet


Don't restrict to difficult path, unfold your mind to walk on that

Wake up to the life of karmic relevance, Blare forth like majestic elephant by cleaving through all obstacles. The divine stainless steel Aum lava tiger eye bracelet elevates the mind to the level of being in karma. Eventually karma decides the accountability and obligates us towards self reckoning.

Designer's Note

Our beautiful stylish, sacred and yet elegant pair of bracelets reminds you to be on higher consciousness level. It eases the burden of noise and clattering emotions to emerge you as triumphant.

8mm sized Lava, hematite and tiger eye stones give significance to your wrist and brings up the style, which is bound to deflect the glaring of envy.

Like to wear today? As we are limited in stock and we offer you a peace of mind with replacement assurance on damage happened during transit. So be one of our happy customer and stay in the karma flow.