JWF™ "Elevating Strength, Peace, Inner Bliss" Aum Lava Bracelets

Designer Note

Stimulate your mind and body both to be in action today. Greet yourself with renewed energy and elevated confidence. Good things will shower on you when you attract good luck and charm through our three set of natural volcanic rock, called lava made 8mm beaded stone bracelets

These trio helps you overcome the state of anxiety, fear and clamour and whirl past to find the strengthened mind and relieved body. You are awakened sole with empowered senses to make the decision for your own life. Stay rooted to your focus and challenge the never failing thoughts of being succesfull in what you do.

It is ideal to wear this in right hand and if you do yoga, then it is the best to support your energy to channelise to correct all chakras.

The beautify aesthetic combination  will sooth your senses. We have made sure that when you wear this with your dress, you get the complement for your look and style.

Product Detail

  • Stones: Lava
  • Style: Three Fold
  • Lava Bead Size: 8mm
  • Size of Bracelet: 17-19cm and customisable based on your wrist
  • Ideal for Both Gender
  • Good For Confidence, Energy and Memory