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JWF™ Be Aspiring Soul Aum Tiger Eye Agate Bracelet

Motivated and Connected with your inner wisdom, Your are Inarguably a soul of karma. Whizz past the shackles of past. Get embraced by the power of today as today's action makes you aspiring soul for tomorrow's outcome. Sheer passion and perseverance  needed in the time of karma will discriminate you from the huddle. Get imbued with higher conscience and elevated mind calming & balancing energy from our tiger eye agate bracelet. It nips the negativity in the bud and keeps the stability of mind. 

These pair of bracelet comes with stainless steel Aum, tiger eye beads and agate stones to dazzle the eyes around. Aum is backdropped with tiger eye beads and supplemented with 6mm second bracelet. 

Inspired from the peace and karma philosophy, this bracelet is going to be your ubiquitous company. Therefore don't delay as this is limited edition bracelet. We are sure that it is not going to be let down choice, rather a choice with conviction to succeed in what you do.

  • Ideal for both male and female
  • stretchable Band
  • Free Shipping and Free Replacement