"Divine & Blessing" Tiger Eye Stone Sriyantra Pendant Mala

Wear This Divine Sriyantra mala

  • Healing Tiger Eye Stones
  • Mother Nature Product
  • Handmade by Local Artisans
  • Blissful Energy, Peace, and Positivity
  • Prosperity, Growth and Strong Mind

Designer's Note

When a Sacred Product is launched with holy intention, then descends the divine blessing of goddess Lakshmi in the form of the Auspicious SriYantra pendant Mala. We do believe in the divine blessing and bestowing of soulful feeling of eternal omnipresent power.

The prosperous Lakshmi Sriyantra symbolises energy of universe and divine interface with goddess Lakshmi.

This sacred symbol is immaculately placed inside the hexagon shaped Orgonite crystal pendant along with assorted tiger eye stones. 8mm Tiger eye stone beads revitalise and blossom out the beauty of pendant when it is wreathed together in mala.

it is recommended to wear tiger eye Sriyantra pendant to imbibe the wholehearted spirit of triumphant, happiness, peace, and gratitude to trounce the negative aura.

Sriyantra Symbol
🕉 Sri Yantra propounds Good Luck, Injects Positive Energy and Brings Riches

Good deeds and positive thinking leads to success and personal growth until one has strong conviction to get going

Sri Yantra is definitely an answer to all problems and negativity around us in our life. Any person wearing or using Sri Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace, harmony in life. .

Healing Power of Tiger Stones

Black Agate and Tiger Eyes are Natural stone and come with intrinsic healing virtues

Tiger eye also propels kundalini awakening. It stimulates decision-taking actions and helps you find the discernment in taking the right step towards progress

It is said that After wearing this, People often felt the changes in their behaviour and psychological strength. The black stone used here strengthens the aura by negating the dull energies and transcending the emotionally weak mindset.

A Tiger Eye Stone:

  1. Brings insight into complex situations
  2. Protects from negative energies
  3. Helps focus the mind
  4. Can deepen one's meditative state
  5. Grounds and centres personal energy
  6. Dispels fears
  7. Promotes mental clarity
Pendant Mala Detail 3
  1. Type: Mala
  2. Stones: Tiger Eye 8mm beads
  3. Thread: Adjustable
  4. Pendant: Orgone with 50x50mm.
  5. Delivery Time: (3-6) Due to High Demand
  6. Shipping fee: FREE
  7. Payment Method: Cash On Delivery | Net banking | Cards | Wallet.