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JWF™ " Chakra Purifying" 7 Chakra Tiger Eye Aum Buddha Bracelet


Unblocked chakras brings joviality, cheerfulness and good mood always

Wear this 7 chakra Aum Buddha Bracelet for

  • Natural Healing Stones (Tiger Eye)
  • Stones are known to bring strength to decision making
  • Helps keep in steady frame of mind
  • Rejuvenates the aura with embodied calmness & Positivity
  • Said to remove the negative thoughts

Designer Note

There is time when one becomes indecisive and gets caught in to web of confusion and emotional entanglement. Consequent to that, thing go upside down causing the person shattered. Our body represents the universe and the 7 chakras inside our body is our energy system and each chakra brings the wheel of life in to rotation. If any of them is unblocked, then the problem arises. Keep your chakras unblocked today with our rechristened Aum and buddha empowered tiger eye bracelet. Each colour wreathed in 8mm bead shape corresponds to every chakra in the body.

We are sure that our customers will like this aesthetic bracelet, not only does that draw energy, peace and positivity but the eyeballs around.


  • Natural and Premium Quality Tiger Eye Stones
  • Stone Size: 8mm of 7 colors
  • Stones with Tremendous Healing Benefits
  • Tiger Eye Stones known for Strong mind and Courageous attitude
  • 100% Replacement 
  • Shipping: Free and Available on COD also
  • Thread Type: Adjustable with rope and elastic both
  • 17-19CM in Length

Disclaimer: We don't promote any superstitions, and never intend to claim to cure any physical ailment through this bracelet. Please do regular yoga for balancing your chakras

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