JWF™ Inflow of Abundance 7 Chakra 108 Citrine Buddha Mala

Citrine is known for its high resonating energy. It is said to be drawing the energy from sun thus keeping its wearer vibrational and radiant. The citrine stone is recommended by healers for financial gain, stability and decluttered mind. It helps one manifest desire and ambition by aligning the energy to attain one's financial goal.

Designer's Note

Go Marching towards the glory of self esteem and empowerment with attained balance and bliss with our 6mm beaded 108 citrine mala. Citrine awakens and balances solar plexus chakra to make you spirited and spiritually active. . Buddha is an epitome of wisdom and calm. 7 chakra stones associated with corresponding chakra of our body bring balance and flow of energy. So that you glow with exuberance and shine with confidence.

  • 7mm Cat eye stones with 7 color for goodness and financial abundance
  • 6mm Citrine for wealth, luck, glory, and balance
  • 10mm Copper buddha for wisdom and calm
  • 108 beads for prayer and chanting