"Embolden Spirit of Get Going" 108Turquoise Sriyantra Pendant Agate Tiger Eye Mala & Bracelet

The Powerhouse of energy, the symbolic peace and prosperity Sriyantra is divine blessing from Maa Lakshmi.

Designer Note

The self acknowledgement is a booster to one's confidence. Wallow in the luxury of love self and the moment of self reckoning. This is possible when we remove the cap of superficiality and stop being liar to self. Then comes the the bliss and jubilation.

Here we present to you an assuaging Sriyantra pendant mala and bracelet to keep you going regardless of whats happening now. This belief is paramount to one's advancement mentally and physically.

We have adopted turquoise as stone with super agate with some intermittent tiger eye stones to bring this combination to sooth and mesmerise you with elegance

The prosperous Lakshmi Sriyantra symbolises the energy of universe and divine communion with goddess Laksmi. 

Sriyantra attunes an individual to success and prosperity and decimates the impending obstacles in one's path.

it is recommended to Sriyantra pendant to imbibe the wholehearted spirit of triumphant, happiness, peace, and gratitude to trounce the enervating energies around.

Sriyantra Symbol
🕉 Sri Yantra propounds Good Luck, Injects Positive Energy and Brings Riches

Good deeds and positive thinking leads to success and personal growth until one has strong conviction to get going

Sri Yantra is definitely an answer to all problems and negativity around us in our life. Any person wearing or using Sri Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace, harmony in life. .

Healing Power of Turquoise Stones

The Protective turquoise stone is attributed to Peace, Healing and Distraction free mind. Wear This For Good Health & keeping Peaceful Mind.

This is the most legendary stone that helps you to express your thoughts and communication explicitly and it aids peace and balance of mood. Turquoise is known to provide protection to the people, who are wearing it.

Healing power of turquoise also improves the mental state overall by increasing the following mental characteristics: positive thinking, serenity, creativity, sensitivity, intuition, happiness and wisdom, That all results in greater self-realisation

Pendant Mala Detail
  1. Type: 108 Mala pendant and Bracelet
  2. Pendant Size: 40x40mm
  3. Pendant Stones: Turquoise
  4. Stones: White Stone 6mm agate beads and tiger eye
  5. Thread: Strong
  6. Pendant: Orgone with 50x50mm.
  7. Delivery Time: (3-6) Due to High Demand
  8. Shipping fee: FREE
  9. Payment Method: Cash On Delivery | Net banking | Cards | Wallet.