" Remain Devoted To Shiva" Hand Carved Auspicious 108 Shiva Pendant 7 Chakra Tiger Eye Mala

Every Shiva Lover would Love it

Keep your chakras unlocked and clock the positivity level in your life with blessing shiva mala. Just flow in the love with Lord Shiva and feel the divine communion with him.

So recognise yourself and revisit the quest of your soul with this divine mala, which is hand crafted and carved by our artisans. This product is locally made and is product of india

Designer's Note

When our mind becomes obsessed with luxury and delectation in life and remains perturbed due to unattainable real pleasure of soul. As a result our heart starts pounding in the quest of real happiness notwithstanding all comfort and luxury we have , then comes the shiva to impart his soul blessing smile and shower of spiritual awakening to correct the path so that real and inner bliss can be achieved.


We tend to forget  what does our soul need ? We generally run helter-skelter to quench the desire what we want in this materialistic life. Because the eternal truth in this universe, that exists, is omnipotent SHIVA and omnipresent his name " Mahadev"

This auspicious 108 Shiva Parwati mala is a reminder to what is our actual existence in this world and what are we here for

Stay Blessed and Stay In Love With Shiva

What you find with the pendant is virtue, dedication and love of our artisans, Because such fine handcrafting is not possible until it is done with passion and affection towards shiva.

There can be slight mishandling in terms of carving the stones, as it requires the eyes to be peeled on the stones without any wink. so you would not mind that.

Powerful Healing Stone Tiger Eye is hand carved here for giving you a reason to wear this mala. As Tiger eye stone is said to be the stone of decision making and helps keep the calmness of mind.

Product Information:

  • Stones: Agate and 7 colors tiger eye Beads
  • Pendant Size: 20x30mm
  • Size of Stones: 6mm
  • Number of Beads: 108
  • Replacement: 100% if you receive the damaged one
  • COD: Available
  • Delivery Charges: Absolutely FREE