JWF™ Unrestrained Positivism Auspicious 108 Rudrakhsa Soothing Sphatik Sriyantra Pendant Mala

Sphatik (Clear Quartz) is known to assuage the raucous mind and is recommended by healers for soothing and calming unnerving energy, While rudrkahsa act as central force in balancing and strengthening the energy system. When paired with sriyantra, the combination becomes an elixir of wisdom, power and wellbeing.

Designer speaks

A gusty wind uproots the tree of strong root. Tree does not get uprooted until it gets the continuous gust of wind. In the same vein our mind gets debilitated with repeated undermining of one's own intellect and wisdom. Weak mind transmits the  pessimism and low energy from crown chakra to root chakra. Our sphatik and rudraksha sriyantra pendant is designed and energised by understanding about potent psychological healing and meta physical properties. Wearing this 108 mala keeps all chakra balanced, dark energies at bay and blustery emotional turmoil restrained. Therefore in order to attain the value and quality of life, one needs strong intent, rooted wisdom and roaring optimism. Get all these with this amazing mala, that will not only heals you but also seals the faith of negating energy.

  • 8mm Rudraksha beads in succession with 6mm clear quartz bead
  • Sriyantra pendant to attain influence and affluence in one's life
  • Free replacement, free delivery
  • Authentic and Natural beads with in house designed