JWF™ Raining Fortune Yoga & Meditation 108 Rudrakhsa Aum Tiger Eye Mala

Rudraksha bead is said to torment the depressive energies and it heals the body faster. Being a auspicious bead, rudraksha holds prominence in one's life, who believe in its power of healing. Tiger eye beads work better on pacifying the clanky thoughts and emotions.

Designer speaks

The crucial events are harbinger of changes in one's perspective towards life. Those event some time chart out new plans & the beginning of new roads. Advent of fortune is not automatic process until invoked with karmic mindset. Wear this divine soaked rudraksa and tiger eye mala, which will enunciate the well being, serenity and inward conviction of positivity & fortune with its 108 beads. 

We believe that, when you wear this mala, It will work as placard to visiting good vibes, which you will receive from all around.

  • 8mm Rudraksha beads for power, energy, strength
  • 6mm tiger eye for decision making, concentration and mental calm
  • Stainless steel turquoise specked aum for browbeating negativity
  • Free replacement and also read our re-energising & re-fixing policies