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JWF ™ " Purifying and Calming" Yoga 108 Natural Jasper Health Divine Mala

✔ Positivism ✔ Confidence ✔ Stability

Chant your favourite Mantra 108 times and wear it

Wear 109 Mala Jasper Stones For

  • To unleash the emotional backlog
  • To keep the immune system in check and healthy
  • To suppress the dull energies
  • To stabilise the aura for a playful mood
  • To eradicate the onslaught of frequent anxiety 

The powerful Semi-precious Red Jasper comes equipped with Natural healing benefits due to its nestling with mother earth and sun rays. Red Jasper stone bracelet is energised and made with 100% Natural Jasper stones

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The 108 jasper mala keeps you calm and confident. It stabilises the energy of the body by reviving the weak chakras.

Red jasper will not let you feel broken down. Its healing properties are amazingly known and also benefits to the wearer.

How To Wear This?

Though we energise the stones, yet one can redo it by washing this in clean water early morning and then place it on the ground for 15-20 minutes under the sunlight to assimilate the ground vibration and sun's energy. Once the process is done, one can wear it on the right-hand side preferably 

#100% Natural Stones Jasper Stones.

Product Information
  • Stones: Jasper 
  • Stone Size: 6mm
  • Type: 108 Beaded MALA
  • Type: Unisex