"Transcend the Barrier" 108 Healing Red Tiger Eye Mala Bracelet

Health | Confidence | Positivity

Designer Note

Would you like to wear this symbolic  peace, positivity and, Confidence bracelet in virtuous tiger eye stones?

You are made to attract the plentiful healing energies, which transcend the mental barrier for the better decision making. One can't rest on the laurel. One need to be in action for future success. Past is what we achieved through our action and present is what we carve with right decision.

This 108 Mala bracelet is blessed with the elegance, aesthetic appeal and abundance of serenity due to its super healing properties.

When you are wearing our 6mm beaded tiger eye mala & bracelet, we assure you of best quality and hassle free replacement. Since wearing it and flaunting it with style is what every body love to do, so you too. 

It is made with strong thread and you can wear both mala and bracelet at a time when you desire to be in perfect attire with.

The distinctive metal bead is carved with tree of life, it means when you drape this soothing mala cum bracelet, it will inspire you to be in full of life with energy and action.