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JWF™ Balanced Energy 108 Aum Tiger Eye Pendant 7 Chakra Mala


 #Balanced chakras bring peace, joy and assurance in the life of person, They guard against any vicious attack of negativity and unseen peril

When boisterous mind does not find the solace and become occupied in chaos and turmoil of emotions. As a result the depressive state and ineptness envelopes the person. This causes a person in utter distress and bewilderment. Thence comes our 7 Chakra 108 hand-carved Aum mala to salvage the inner peace and whining mind. It brings a latch on to the outside disturbance.


Designer's Note

The prestigious divine Aum is not a symbol but a deep rooted faith. It is an alpha and omega of the world. When you enshroud yourself in the low esteem and confidence, then a meditative state of mind can help come out of the blustery phase of emotions.

We present to you an astounding and powerful symbol of the universe carved in the tiger eye's stone bead in oval shape along with supporting 108 beads with corresponding colors of each of 7 chakras of our body. They help in healing, balancing and channelising the flow of energy to keep the body in check and equilibrium

Tiger eye stone is such stone of strengthening mind and guarding the flaccid approach in work. The intrinsic quality of this virtuous crystal or stone is known to healers and tremendously used worldwide by people in their gem stones jewelleries 

Product Information

  • Type: 108 Mala
  • Pendant Size: 30x35 (Can vary, as its hand-cut)
  • Stones: Tiger Eye 6mm beads
  • Pendant: Orgonite with shreds of tiger eye stones inside.
  • Delivery Time: (3-6) Due to High Demand
  • Shipping fee:  FREE
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      Disclaimer: This is fashion jewellery. We never intend to make any false statement here and benefit associated after wearing this pendant.

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