JWF™ Rejuvenating 108 Amethyst Sriyantra Pendant Mala

Amethyst is associated with crown chakra and often known for health related benefits. Crown chakra is said to pour in spiritual wisdom, relief and placid mind from the extraneous disturbance and spiralling thoughts.

Where as Sriyantra regarded a symbol of wisdom, energy and affluence helps one achieve greater influence of good fortune and balanced energy in life of wearer

Designer speaks

Let the popping noise be tamed to elevate your euphony of calm & positive mindset. Every stride you take with strong conviction conquers the fort of repressive morale. A strong and invoked intention helps manifest one the path to tread on. Just contemplate with soothed mind and execute the plan with fervency. Amethyst sriyantra mala brings dominance, affluence and courage to help you stand tall and act as stumbling block for vicious minds