JWF™ " Keep Your Aura High" Tiger Eye Agate Zirconia Protection Bracelet

✔ Positivism  ✔ Strong Decision Making ✔ Calming

Tiger Eye stone is recommended to strengthen the decision making power and reduce the anxiety, emotional turbulence and fear.

How would you feel ?  if your energy is healed and protected from dullness, lethargy,  and, shilly-shally. 

Tiger's eye stone beats down on the negativity and depressive state of mind. The tiger's eye crystal guards your aura and re-routes the energy to right direction. Tiger's eye stone is also said to bring awakening, agility and calmness in the life of wearer.

Tiger's eye not only protects you but also guides you to be in self belief and confidence. It brings reality in your action by inculcating the state of patience and peace together. it stitches your torn confidence and weaves the unclear thoughts like threads in to crystal clear vision.

It encourages people to stay confident and help take the decision when required during tough circumstances

Agate Stone is no less than tiger eye when it comes to stamping out negativity, depression, fear and, emotional attack. It enhances the ability to analyse, improves concentration and develops the sense of protection.

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    It can be worn by anybody irrespective of any zodiac sign. It brings relief to a person in distress and emotional turbulence.

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    • Style: Double Wrap
    • Size of Stones: 6MM
    • Gender Type: Both
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