Premium Zirconia Buddha Turquoise Agate Energy Pair Bracelet

# Wear Buddha Bracelet For Peace and Energy  

This bracelet is made with super elegant combination of Agate and Turquoise stones embellished with peaceful buddha. That percolates the sense of positivity and serenity around.

This Buddha is made with premium zirconia, which provides aesthetic appeal to this bracelet.

🕉 Brings composure and calmness. Ideal For Both Men and Women.

Agate Stone is powerful natural stone used in this bracelet. Agate is repellent of negative ions present in the body. This stone is master healer and cleanses the aura of the body

Agate Stone manifests your optimism to fill you with stability and vibrating energies.

Turquoise is highly protective stone and called the stone of communication.

Turquoise is known to provide protection to the people, who are wearing it. It also alleviates anger, depression, fear and anxiety

Healing power of turquoise also improves the mental state overall by increasing the following mental characteristics: positive thinking, serenity, creativity, sensitivity, intuition, happiness and wisdom, That all results in greater self-realisation

🕉100% Natural & Authentic Stones

    It can be worn by anybody irrespective of any zodiac sign

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    Product information:

    • Size:            18-19 CM Stretchable
    • Number of Bracelet: Two
    • Stone Size:  8MM Tiger Eye
    • Metal:          Alloy
    • Type:           Single Wrap

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