Endearing Yin and Yang Energy Balancer Red Tiger Eye Agate Bracelet

Strong stand and positive mind often leads to road of success and growth in life. Remove the shackle of dullness and drained energy to sustain the turbulence of emotional upheaval and hardships, that is what a human expected to do.

Enthral the entire glare towards your wrist, when you wear the scintillating red tiger eye agate bracelet.

This bracelet epitomises your aura and personality and adds up the smidgen of elegance and spirituality both together, so that when you flaunt it with style, it subjugates the attention of people.

Why Red Tiger Eye Yin Yang Bracelet?

Red tiger eye enables the mind with strength to make strong decision in life. The powerful master healer is entwined with another agate stone of harmonising and balancing the mind sprit and, body.

The tiger eye and agate bracelets come in 6mm beaded stones of positivity. These are in pair and you can wear them together or separately.

The strong threaded adjustable rope is suitable for both male and female. These bracelets come with replacement guarantee. So Buy this pair before it becomes the beauty of somebody else's wrist